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Tre Vero por favor, please pass a belt or bag...

Tre Vero Belt found at Dillard's
Tre Vero Belt found at Dillard's

If you haven't seen the likes of Tre Vero, then it is a must get for any accessory that you could want. Going online to see what could be browsed, into immediately becoming lost in a need for a larger handbag and not knowing which one to choose to like the best, it's a line that definitely has made head wave and is moving forward at fast speed Made from amazing product and fabulous detail, Tre Vero will leave you anything but wishing for more.

When looking through the belts, (what better way to accessorize?!!), there were more to choose from than could be picked. Which brings me to belting an outfit for, well any occasion. Seeing as some think it is best when less is more, adding a cinch of the waist to anything, makes you not only appear thinner, regardless of your size, but adds depth to an outfit. What better way to make a statement, than around the waist?

When choosing what you want to belt, as it can be done with dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, pants, .. the likes of anything, it is not important from a style point of view that it match perfectly. In fact, sometimes you can make a bigger fashion statement by doing the opposite. For instance, take a striped romper, (let's say it's red and white), maybe it already has a belt attached. Adding a black and gold belt, a solid red, or another color all together, can make it a completely different outfit. All of this being said, at least one other accessory that you are wearing should compliment if you add a splash of color. If it is black and gold you add, add a black or gold earrings, a cocktail ring, and black or gold heels, wedges or flats. The look is instantaneously chic and can be done as easy as the blink of the eye.

The biggest problem I see with other women wearing belts, is that they think that it accentuates parts of their bodies they wish not to show, however I beg to disagree. The best way to break up any height, or add length is to add a belt. Though it is not easily done by all, it is a must have season round. And once you start a collection, you'll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe waiting at your beck and call!

Belt featured found at Dillard's in Park Plaza Mall: Tre Vero