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Trayvon Martin mom: 'Racism is still alive' says Martin's mom

Trayvon Martin's mom spoke during a visit to the University of Utah on Jan. 16 and she discussed her views on racism and the world today. While some would like to believe that the world is a better place than it was decades ago, Martin's mom, Sybrina Fulton, knows that there are still racist people out there and that racial profiling is still a major problem (via UPI).

"Don’t think for one second racial profiling doesn’t happen. Don’t think for one minute even in your community of Salt Lake City it doesn’t happen. Racism is still alive. Racial profiling is still alive. Injustice is still alive," explained Fulton.

Trayvon Martin's mom has been very vocal following her son's death and people support her in her quest. As she says, her fight is not just about her son -- she wants people to realize that racism is still prevalent and it is still a problem in some areas all over the country. She feels as though Trayvon's story could help save someone else's child and she intends to keep on speaking out.

"Is it the hoodie that really made the difference? Or the color of his skin? And if by one second, just by one mere second, we think that it's the color of his skin, then something is wrong with America. At the end of the day, it’s not about Trayvon. It’s about the person that felt he was suspicious," Fulton also said.

Trayvon Martin's mom is getting her fair share of backlash too -- although many support her, there are others that don't feel as though she is qualified to be speaking out on racism at schools around the country. What do you think?

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