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Travis Winfrey talks up season 3 of VH1's 'Single Ladies'

VH1's Single Ladies is heading toward the end of its third season, with just three episodes to go. BFTV recently spoke with Travis Winfrey, who stars as Omar Kearse on the drama series, to see what we could find out about what's ahead and chat about his first leading role.

Travis Winfrey stars as Omar in VH1's 'Single Ladies,' now in its third season.

While Travis couldn't say much about the remainder of the season, he did give us one very ominous hint. "Death," he told us. "Somebody has death coming to them."

At least making the show is not quite so serious. "It's been a blast," he enthused. "They're pretty open. I get a chance to put my input into the character a lot. I'm just extremely grateful and proud to have such a dynamic character on TV."

What episode is he the most proud of? "My favorite episode would have to be 'Stormy Weather' from season two," he continued. "We're all trapped inside of the shop because of a tornado."

Travis is as surprised by the plot twists in the show as the audience is, because he doesn't see the finished product until it airs. "We get the scripts like the week before we shoot it and it's broken up into the way we shoot it," he told us, "so when I watch it I'm still shocked. I don't know what's happening.

"I'm a huge fan of April's [Charity Shea] storyline. I like the whole The Devil Wears Prada thing she's got going on."

The series is also a personal milestone for the actor, because it's his biggest part to date. "Single Ladies is my first real major acting job. I did a lot of co-stars and guest stars [before]," he said. "I have a film coming out next year called Last Hours that's going to incorporate my band's music."

"I never wanted to do one thing," he continued. "I always promised myself, I want to make an album. I want to be on TV. I want to make a movie. Being an actor is fulfilling my bucket list. I can't be a doctor or a lawyer, but I'll get to play that part eventually."

Single Ladies continues its third season tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on VH1. For more on Travis, you can follow him on Twitter (@TravisWinfrey).

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