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Travis Shevlin and Tailored Avenue Launch The Perfect Part

The Perfect Part Launch Party in New York City.
The Perfect Part Launch Party in New York City.

Travis Shevlin could not help but to smile, as he celebrated the launch of Tailored Avenue's debut product, "The Perfect Part". The event took place at the Ainsworth Park in New York City.

Travis Shevlin, is the founder of Tailored Avenue, which is a lifestyle site dedicated for men and men's style. It was designed for the bold New York men, to embrace their inner confidence and style. It also serves as a platform to provide to men grooming tips, styling tips, and fashion tips. Now Travis, has created the "Perfect Part" which is a new style of comb, designed to help men create the perfect part in their hair. had the opportunity to chat with Travis during his busy night and he shared how excitied he was. "I am really happy that everyone came out to support me, I am so happy that men really can have this product to get the style that they want which makes them feel confident and stylish."

You can visit Tailored Avenue and get the "The Perfect Part" by simply clicking here.