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Travis Pastrana going huge as he begins his first full season in NASCAR (Photos)

Travis Pastrana driving the #60 Ford Mustang of Roush Racing - September 2012
Travis Pastrana driving the #60 Ford Mustang of Roush Racing - September 2012
Getty Images, Flickr and Wikimedia

It was recently announced that X-Games Superstar Travis Pastrana will drive full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide season for Roush Racing. Although he’s been driving part-time for the last couple years, this will be his first full season in any NASCAR division. He will drive Roush Racing’s #60 Ford Mustang with Chad Norris as his crew chief and have several different sponsors for the year. It should be noted that rising-star Trevor Bayne will be Pastrana’s teammate in 2013.

Travis Pastrana, driver of the #60 Ford EcoBoost Ford, September 7, 2012 in Richmond, Virginia
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Pastrana has had a remarkable career in the stunt performance business as well as several motorsport competitions such as supercross, motocross and rally. His biggest claim to fame in the past decade is winning several gold medals at the X-Games. Also, Pastrana successfully performed the famous and dangerous Rodeo 720 that he calls TP7 (see video here).

Started early

Travis Pastrana has been known as a good-natured happy-go-lucky kind of guy with the necessity to be a daredevil. He was born in Annapolis, Maryland, and has been riding a motorcycle since he was four years old. He’s a bright individual who graduated from high school at the age of 15. He has a popular television show called Nitro Circus that follows Pastrana and other riders around the world, performing stunts of all different varieties. He is married to skateboarding star Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins.

Pastrana’s carefree disregard for risk has come at a cost. He’s had numerous surgeries and nearly every major bone in his body has been broken including his hands, arms, legs and pelvis, along with multiple concussions. His entry into NASCAR was to have come a year earlier but he shattered his ankle during the X-Games, which pushed his debut back a year.

When he’s not risking life and limb, Pastrana’s hobbies include skydiving and base jumping. Yeah, everything about Pastrana is peril-oriented. He even was willing to take a plane ride (P-51 Mustang) with his car-owner Jack Roush – now that’s taking a risk (inside joke for those that know Roush’s history in the air).


He will turn 30 before season’s end and this move is a determined and significant one for Travis Pastrana, who isn’t taking this lightly when he said: “I am very serious about making this move, running competitively and ultimately winning races in NASCAR.” And he’s happy to be doing this with a team that won the championship last season. Pastrana added: “No team can claim the success in the Nationwide Series that Roush Fenway has, and I know driving an RFR Ford will provide me with the maximum opportunity to develop my skills behind the wheel of a stock car.”

Pastrana did drive one race for Roush Racing last September in the same #60 Ford Mustang and qualified a career best fifth. Although Pastrana may not have ever won a stock race during his limited appearances - his best finish in Nationwide is a 13th at Indianapolis while driving for RAB Racing in 2012 - still, his following is enormous and will likely bring a fresh enthusiastic and younger marketing base to NASCAR.

Sources: Roush Racing, YouTube

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