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Travis Browne went over $50k in debt to become an MMA fighter

According to a Jan. 21 post from MMA Fighting, hard-hitting UFC heavyweight contender Travis Browne (16-1-1) made the shocking revelation that he went $50,000 in debt to become an MMA fighter.

Travis Browne went $50k in debt to become an MMA fighter
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Browne, 31, says there were some Christmas seasons where he had less than $100 to spend on gifts for his entire family, so he feels blessed to finally be in a good place financially.

"There was a point in my life and my career where I had less than $100 to spend on both of my kids for Christmas," Browne said. "I remember telling myself, I remember telling my best friend, I said, 'This will never happen again.' I will not let this happen. I mean, $100 for me to spend on my family, friends, everybody. For me to be able to provide for my kids like I am now is really a dream come true.

"People see what they see now, but they choose to not see what it took to get here. Just to be an MMA fighter, I went over $50,000 in debt. My management, they supported me. They took the reins. They really saw in me something worth investing and they invested in it and it's paid off for them," Browne continued.

"In 2010 I had my truck repo'd. There's been so much crap I've had to go through to get to this point. Like I said, I would rather earn it than someone give it to me and that's why. I've been where other people have been. I can understand where they're coming from. I'm tough on those kinds of people because I was tough on myself in those situations. You always have doors that are open for you, but you have to take advantage of them once they're there."

Browne also talked about his UFC 168 fight with Josh Barnett.

The heavyweight standout earned Knockout of the Night honors at UFC 168, by finishing his opponent with a flurry of strikes early in the opening frame.

Browne says Barnett doesn't give him much respect because he appeals to the pro wrestling demographic, where there are "good" and "bad" guys.

"I feel like he's an entertainer before he's a fighter and I think he has that personality," Browne said of Barnett. "Guys that I fought before, they give me respect because they understand once we get in the cage, once we leave the cage, what kind of an athlete I am. So, I get that respect. I don't really care if I get that from Josh. That's more his personality. And I honestly feel like that's one of the reasons why he failed that night."

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