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Travellers beware: Ghost ships could claim lives on the high seas!

If you are planning a cruise, or a fishing trip in one of the oceans of the world, beware of floating ghost ships. It has been reported that between 2001 and 2010, 146 unmanned ships became floating menaces on the oceans for one reason or another. Also 42% have sank or been recovered, while 58% are still floating aimlessly at sea.

One of the latest to make the news is the 300-foot cruise liner Lyubov Orlova, which some say could contain cannibalistic rats. The ship is thought to be drifting around the North Atlantic after snapping its towline in 2013, while enroute to a scrapyard.

It has been spotted at several locations in the Atlantic, but no definite location was made until March 1, 2013, when Irish media reported that a signal from the vessel’s emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB), which started transmitting. At that time it was about 700 nautical miles off the Kerry coast, Experts say the the EPIRB only starts transmitting when the device is exposed to water, which makes authorities believe it may have sunk, or water is leaking onto the device.

Some sources claim that the ship is still afloat, and could pose a threat on the cost of Britain or Ireland, but remember, if it has sunk, there are still 52% of the ghost ships out there somewhere.

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