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Feature: Traveling with your pet

Keep your pet safe while traveling in your car.
Keep your pet safe while traveling in your car.

Summer is upon us, which means family vacations are fast approaching. If you are a pet owner, you will either be leaving your pet behind or deciding to travel with your pet. Which ever you do, please take the necessary precautions to keep your pet safe.

When leaving your pet behind, either allowing some one to care for your pet at home or boarding them out be sure to leave any feeding and care instructions for the pet care giver. When choosing a boarding kennel, Do The Research. Not all boarding kennels take the necessary safety measure to assure your pet will remain safe. Some important things to look for are cleanliness, fencing, play time and their emergency procedures, as well as having all the proper licenses to maintain their kennel. Don't be afraid to ask to look around the kennel and examine the facility. Do ask your veterinarian and friends or relatives for any kennels they prefer. In Genesee County, Mi. one of the best places is Key-Lore in Flushing, MI. This boarding facility offers everything from grooming to a pet park. The owners combined experience totals over 65 years of knowledge. Pricing is reasonable for the quality of care your pet will receive.

If traveling with your pet, make sure your pet is up to date on all shots. Either by land, sea or sky always keep your pet safe and comfortable. If traveling by car remember to stop for those walks and potty breaks and be sure to provide water for your pet. If it is a cat you are traveling with, it is best to keep them in cage. Most felines are afraid of the car or vibration of the car and have the tendency to hide under the seat. Keeping them confined to a cage will help prevent your cat from trying to escape when you open the door. Also for the dog lovers, keep your canine on a leash at all times with stopping at rest areas. These places are dangerous for your pet due to heavy traffic at times.

Traveling by plane? Be sure to contact your airline carrier a head of time for rules and regulations. Speak with your vet ahead of time as well to see if your particular breed will have breathing problems when flying. Breeds such as the pug, can have some breathing disorders and may be deprived of oxygen due to the nasal passages being obstructed by the smashed in face. The Humane Society of the United States, does not recommend airline travel at all for your pet of any breed. For more information please click on the link:

Summer and vacations are always best when every family member stays safe, which means keeping your pet safe as well. By just following the basic steps of preparing ahead of time makes for a stress free and all around fun time for all on the family vacation!

Now go out there and enjoy your Summer!

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