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Traveling with Obamacare

How will Obamacare affect your travel plans?
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If you are planning a trip, traveling on business, or maintain residence in more than one place, do you know how the Affordable Care Act will affect you?
Insurance policies have changed a lot over the past decade and many plans under the ACA have swapped co-pays for deductibles and made changes to their networks and providers.

If you live in more than one place
According to “If you live in one state and work or spend time in another state, carefully check the provider directories of the plans that you are thinking about buying.”
The ACA website goes on to explain that consumers should consider what hospitals, doctors and other health provider services are available in the area of your destination. There may be added costs to the insured if out of network care is required. A link to in-network providers should be listed in each plan on The Marketplace or on the insurance company’s website.

Traveling for work
If the insurance policy is employer sponsored, check with the human resources department. They should be able to explain the plan in place for seeking healthcare while you are away, and advise of any prior authorizations or other details that would be needed to obtain medical care.
However, if you are self-employed or receive your insurance through the federal or a state run web site, reviewing what is in and out of network may be helpful.

Traveling for pleasure
Knowing the details of your insurance policy might not be the first thing on your get-away agenda, but you might want to add it to the pre-trip preparation. Even if all who are travelling are in good health, accidents and illnesses happen. Finding the closest hospital and urgent care center before your arrival could provide life saving time in an emergency. And knowing if the coverage will be accepted can help plan for those costs.

No Coverage at Destination
So what can you do if insurance coverage is unavailable? Travel insurance could be a possible solution. A quick internet search brings up page after page of insurance carriers ready to assist you.
To compare multiple plans, has you covered! Answer a few quick questions about your travel plans and then review the insurance options available with many different carriers. The travel insurance may cover medical costs and dental costs as well as reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage. And if you have to cancel the trip for an unforeseen reason, travel insurance can reimburse some of the loss.

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