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Traveling with an extra purpose

Entertaining senior ladies at rest home in Mexico
Entertaining senior ladies at rest home in Mexico
Luz Hinojosa

Let’s give it some thought. What if one of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 and for the years to come becomes traveling with an extra purpose? One typically travels because of work, leisure or family reasons, but how about allocating some time in each trip to figure out a way to spread some love? This may include running a search online ahead of time in order to find some hints about the needs in the area one is visiting. For instance, one might want to search for orphan homes, rest homes, nursing homes; charity foundations of one’s preference such as food banks, illness research, education support, environment and animal care, etc.

Once the charity of choice has been determined, the type of contribution can be established. The array of contributions one can make is unlimited! Most charity organizations around the world would accept monetary contributions, cleaning materials, non-perishable food, linens, books; and numerous places –such as some rest homes in Mexico– would allow for people to come in and entertain their seniors. How about coming in a rest home for one hour to give the ladies a nice manicure? Seniors love music, how about bringing in you speakers too? Children love to play, how about coming in an orphan house to organize group games and perhaps bring in some delicious candy? Why not help serve dinner and/or clean the kitchen that day? The list can go on and on… up to one’s soul to figure out what one would like to offer while away from home.

I strongly believe that traveling with an extra purpose in the way described above could potentially bring a ton of positivity to one’s life, for instance:

  • Alleviate the stress and mortification work and family issues add onto our lives
  • Help understanding that many of one’s problems aren’t as terrible as one once thought
  • Provide that inner happiness that no money could ever buy as one is spreading some love while knowing nothing –but a thank you and/or a smile– is to be expected in return
  • Set the example to one’s family, friends, and acquaintances –you never know who might decide to adopt the idea
  • Simply, attraction of wonderful karma

May you all have a blessed New Year!

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