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Traveling to the New Earth

A new world awaits
A new world awaits

The Diamond Stargate

There is a place beyond the Fifth Dimension where a new vision is taking shape,where mankind is getting a proverbial ‘do-over.’ This place is called ‘the New Earth.’ It exists in a dimensional space above the fifth dimension somewhere in the sixth and

seventh dimensional areas accessible by meditation and through ‘stargates’ some of which are physical and some of which are energetic. Thus, many are able to visit the New Earth in meditation.

The New Earth is a high vibrational area where we all hope to live one day. It is free of fear and conflict. I am told it is the highest expression of Heaven on Earth or Shamballa.

For me, the profound experience came two days after this last Super Moon. It was August 12. I had just closed my eyes when a bright shining disc of crystalline Light appeared. As I followed it, I was literally pulled within its energetic grasp. I immediately had the sensation of moving through space, of traveling.

I began to whirl, and the energy began to whirl very fast . . . Scenes changed so quickly I could hardly see what was happening. Then I was out among the stars! And, then as quickly as it all began, I was returned to more familiar energy, to my Archangel with whom I was originally working, and it was done!

And without fanfare, I was told, “You were taken to the New Earth.”

“Am I staying?” “Yes.”

So, you are asking, how does one get to the New Earth?

Here are some broad healing steps to consider as a start:

1. Opening the heart to forgiveness and unconditional love

Many of us close our hearts after traumatic events as a protection against further harm. This also prevents us from fully experiencing life and love; we are half alive. We can be whole again as we forgive and as we move forward. .

2. Resolving issues of fear

This is probably the most difficult of all for all of us. We come into this world without fear. It is learned. Our great spiritual lesson is to overcome fear.

3. Healing the wounds of childhood

“Inner child work” as it is commonly called, is frequently where we uncover the issues driving our fears, addictions and behaviors of adulthood.

4. Healing addictions

I once heard it said that we need to address our addictions in the order in which they will kill us. In other words, we all have addictions; some are relatively harmless; substance abuse addictions, on the other hand, are deadly. I truly believe that those of us who get clean and sober have some sort of divine moment of clarity when we see truth and get help.

5. Healing the wounds of abuse

As with addictions, this is a long and painful process but a necessary one.

6. Healing the emotional & spiritual wounds of war/conflict.

We are finally just beginning to acknowledge the terrible consequences of war upon the human psyche in the form of PTSD and other mental illness. I do not think that we have at all found treatment modalities which really work for these returning veterans.

What I am learning from my Spirit Guides and Archangels is that the energetic imprint of the trauma can be modified through energy work and a skilled practitioner. Talk therapy is of limited use because it requires the

reliving of the event; something to be avoided. It is already being relived.

Each of these steps is meant to bring us closer to our Divine essence which is Light. The New Earth stands ready and waiting for those who have healed their energies and are ready to live its promise!

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