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Traveling to Coachella? Step up your style game with Lucky Darling scent

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As a former professional musician as well as agent to many rock and country stars, I've been attending outdoor music festivals all of my life. There used to be a time that you just wore cut-offs and t-shirts, comfort being the only consideration. The only other fashion option was some top with a broomstick skirt; if you were sweltering, you could buy something like that from a vendor onsite . . . no dressing room, either.

With the interest of mainstream acts in performing at outdoor fests -- like the upcoming Coachella -- you're seeing an explosion of celebrities attending. They, of course, have stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers. But that's okay . . . you have you!

Traveling to the fest, you can attract people -- no matter who you meet! -- wearing a delicious scent. Lucky Darling is mad by the same folks who make the covetable jeans. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! It's youthful, yet very sexy. I noticed deep, ripe plum fruit, musk and spicy flowers. Perfect for a music fest! It's also available in a container that's just right for 3-1-1 travel carry-on bags. The purple bottle is actually deconstructed in color -- kind of a tie-dye red, white and blue melange. Also perfect for a music fest!

Here's what they say about it:

It opens with exhilarating Ginger and juicy Mandarin, infused with luscious Red Currant for a splash of optimism and excitement. Velvety Pink Peony petals harmoniously blend with delicate Wisteria and exquisite Orange Flower for graceful and confident femininity.

TOP NOTES: Ginger, juicy Mandarin, Red Currant
MID NOTES: Pink Peony, Wisteria, Orange Flower
BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Massoia Wood, Musk

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