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Traveling ladies: look like a star in a hurry with Velour Lashes - they're mink!

Traveling ladies: look like a star in a hurry with Velour Lashes - they're mink!
Traveling ladies: look like a star in a hurry with Velour Lashes - they're mink!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Years ago, when pop divas first started appearing in public for awards ceremonies wearing mink lashes, they were said to have cost thousands of dollars. Not something the rest of us would try and certainly not for traveling!

There's no doubt that once you know how to put on false lashes, you'll find that they work in all kinds of weather, lasting all day/night -- unlike mascara. Fortunately, Velour Lashes has put glamorous mink lashes within the reach of all of us! Velour Lashes are created in chic Toronto. I was very happy to be hosted to experience them.

Here's what they say about them:

- Cotton thread band that will provide comfort and ease in application

- Each pair of lashes can be worn up to 25 times!

- Long lasting lashes that are extremely light on the eyes and natural looking

They recommend waiting 10 seconds or so after applying lash glue before putting them on. That made a huge difference for me, as vintage beauty books always talked about letting the glue dry for a minute -- which was too long.

The lashes come in a variety of natural to va-va-voom styles. I love how their website shows a model wearing each lash at different angles, so you can really figure out what you're getting.

They're soft and the softness makes them non-irritating to eyes -- unlike synthetic, etc. lashes. They just don't feel like false lashes on. Mink has a natural gloss and texture that can't be matched. I have been traveling in Europe and definitely see the more glamorous girls there wearing false lashes.

Lower-lash eyelashes -- that Twiggy look -- are hot-hot-hot again! Velour Lashes makes a couple of them, including a style that used to be named after Kim Kardashian. So that's how she gets the look! I'll admit, I was a little fidgety with them, so here's my secret I discovered: I glue them to the water line! I don't wait the full 10 seconds of drying time, either . . . in case I have to move them. If you are re-applying the lashes, clean the glue the off your natural lashes first. The key to keeping the lashes gorgeous is to avoid getting excess glue on them, since they can't be soaked.

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