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Traveling? Güd Natural Cleansing Wipes save the day AND your beach time!

Traveling? Güd Natural Cleansing Wipes save the day AND your beach time!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

When you're an active traveler or long-haul traveler -- as I am -- you'll wonder where Güd Natural Cleansing Wipes have been all of your life! I was very happy to be hosted to experience them.

So many times, I've been on business trips where I get off a 7 hour flight -- that probably had a 4 hour Bolt Bus ride before it -- only to hear the group leader cheerfully announce, "Meet in the lobby in 20 minutes, okay?" and that's if you're lucky. Some poor slobs have their flight delayed or take a long time to go through customs and only have enough time to drop off their bags. Other times, you want a little nap or even extra beach time, like I did this week in the Bahamas! That's where these little refreshing wipes come in so handy.

Güd Natural Cleansing Wipes are packaged like makeup wipes, but formulated to be used on the whole body. They're produced by the Bert's Bees folks, which already have had a cult following for years.

This is what they say about them:

A super-simple, natural way to feel freshly showered after a workout. Even better, with one snappy swipe, heads will snap as you stroll by.

  • From gym socks to rocking off socks with one swipe.
  • Get your splendid-smelling grapefruit groove on.
  • No parabens, phthalates or petrolatum.
  • Never ever tested on animals. No way!

This is what I say about them: The wipes are lightly scented with the appropriate amount of dampness. They do refresh you without drying your skin or stinging or feeling soapy. I belatedly discovered that they have an opening in the package in the middle, like tissues. I wish they would have a little zip lock closure, too!

These are great to keep in your messenger bag, gym bag, carry-on, etc.

You can find the products (usually, call ahead) at:

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