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Traveling from Houston to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Inspired by your fitness resolution to attend Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics? It’s easier than you think. Here are some tips on getting to the games from Houston.


Vancouver Olympic Winter Games start February 12, 2010.
AP photo/U.S. Postal Service

Phase 4 tickets will be available once each event starts (Feb 12). If you’re a Canadian RESIDENT (you have a valid Canadian address) you may purchase tickets now, go to VANCOUVER2010 for ticket availability.


-Getting To Vancouver

Continental airlines offers a direct flight from Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) to Vancouver, British Columbia (YVR) for as low as $426* (*price check on 1/23/10). Other airlines that fly to Vancouver with stops include: Air Canada, American Airlines and Delta.

**Note that most travelers from Houston will need a passport. For more information on travel from the United States to Canada, click here.

-Getting to Whistler from Vancouver

The venues for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games stretch over 120 kilometers (about 74 miles). The best way to get to the Whistler and Cypress Mountain Venues from Vancouver is to take the Olympic Bus Network.

-Travel from airport and around Vancouver to Olympic venues

1. The Skytrain
2. West Coast Express
3. SeaBus
4. Olympic Line Streetcar (see video)


Not sure where to stay? There are still many lodging possibilities in Whistler (where most of the events will be held), Vancouver, or surrounding areas in British Columbia. Simply go to 2010 destination planner and click on “Accommodation”.


Follow the Olympic torch by clicking here.

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