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Traveling been hard on your skin? Be soothed with b•lēve

Traveling been hard on your skin? Be soothed with b•lēve
Traveling been hard on your skin? Be soothed with b•lēve
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Whether you've been traveling to ski resorts, the islands or even "traveling" to work and scraping ice off your car, your body skin has taken a beating! You need to get fixed up, pronto! You can do it, too, in an affordable way: many national grocery stores and even stores online are carrying b•lēve. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

Make your home into a spa, to hydrate, your body and spirit. First, you'll need some tools. The b-exquisite Body Brush with Bamboo handle could be found in the most luxe department stores, the quality is on par with the highest end spa accessories. The brush head has a massive face, to be able to rub soap or squirt bath gel on it and reach around to all the hard places. It's effective, but not "scratchy".

For softer exfoliation, try the b-revitalized Body Pad with Bamboo & Loofah. First, soak it. The natural plant fibers need to be hydrated before using them on delicate skin. With closer access, you can use it as a buffing final scrub for a perfect pedicure. Loofah is a vegetable gourd that originated in Asia. Ancient Egyptians and American First People used them as bath sponges thousands of years ago.

So, which way do you want to go, bath-style?

b-tranquil Body Wash is described like this:

Oleofirm and moisture bead technology for extended moisturization. Natural extract of safflower + glycerin + vitamin E. Why b•lēve? b-tranquil body wash gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin with two revolutionary technologies. Moisture beads deliver instant encapsulated moisture to the skin, while Oleofirm extends and enhances moisturizing benefits. These combine to create a rich, refreshing lather and a soothing, spa-like scent. Contains safflower oil extract, glycerin & Vitamin E. Nourishes & conditions skin. Paraben-free. Hypoallergenic. No animal testing. Made in Canada.

I noticed the beads -- they're not abrasive, more like tapioca bubble drinks. The b-tranquil scent is like cantaloupe blended with light flowers. Finish your spa treatment with the matching body lotion: liquidy, silky and instantly blendable. You'll be ready to change into clothes or bedclothes instantly and not have to worry about staining.

I think that as soon as the general public knows about b-refreshed scent, there will be a run on it at stores. It's got a fabulous water-rain scent. Some of you may remember that 70's rain scent that got to be so expensive, when they figured out its popularity . . . this totally reminds me of it! Even if you haven't, say, cleaned out the tub enough for a long soak, take a big stockpot and fill it with warmish-coolish water. It's great to soak your feet in! Of course, it also has a matching lotion.

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