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Traveling? Apply makeup like a pro on the go with beautyblender

Traveling? Apply makeup like a pro on the go with beautyblender
Traveling? Apply makeup like a pro on the go with beautyblender
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

There are times when traveling when you actually have to look the best you ever have: destination weddings, job interviews, public appearances.

I've been on national tv several times, including appearing with Peter Frampton on Bill Maher's show and also, as a pageant expert on Dr. Phil. On those occasions, filming was in Los Angeles and I flew in from the East Coast. Let me tell you how that goes down: you do your own basic makeup, with the style and colors that you prefer. A makeup artist powders you down, darkens eyebrows, puts some heavier liner on. So the bottom line is, you are responsible for your own look in front of millions of people!

One of the basics of makeup is that the applicator is equally important as the product. You simply can't use the cheap little giveaway applicators found in makeup compacts and expect good results. No matter your color cosmetic style, the most important part of your look is having a flawless complexion. On film or video, that involves some foundation and possibly, concealer. You need to apply it with the same applicator that the makeup artists use: beautyblender! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

Can you believe a sponge can be so unique and make all the difference in the world? You'd better! It's a dense sponge -- not filled with Swiss cheese holes. It's in a special egg shape for a very specific reason: it doesn't leave edges or streaks like wedge sponges. The tip of the egg shape can get into the contours and nooks of your face. You stipple the base on with tapping motions.

The sponge washes out for repeated uses . . . and brilliant for travelers, there's a new Air.port container! It's mesh, to let drying sponges breathe. It closes magnetically, so you won't tear up your manicure opening and closing the container. Air.port is what the makeup artists of NYC's Fashion Week used to transport their beautyblenders! The containers can hold either two beautyblenders or one along with their solid beautyblender cleanser. Perfect for your carry-on, jet-set lifestyle!

The sponges come in white, black and hot pink. The white one is said to be especially good to use with serums and other skincare.

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