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Travelers to Venice should leave the pad locks at home

Venice is one of the cities taking an action against the padlocks
Venice is one of the cities taking an action against the padlocks
Photo by Marco Secchi/Getty Images

Many couples traveling abroad leave their destination by leaving behind a ‘love lock.’ Pont de l’Archeveche in Paris is famous for being littered with these ‘love locks’ lined all the way across the bridge. The issue of having these ‘love locks’ is a concern of how much weight a bridge can handle.

controversy over love locks
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Venice has taken a step to removing the locks on bridges. Ponte dell'Accademia is the first bridge to have the padlocks removed. Approximately 20,000 padlocks were removed. A campaign has been launched called “Unlock Your Love”, which claims Venice does not need any more garbage.

Alberto Toso Fei, who is a writer behind the campaign, said in an interview with the ‘It is important to make people understand that it is not a sweet gesture, the expression of a unique sentiment, but an action that is totally banal.’

The campaign to remove the locks has gained interest in cities such as Sydney and Paris who also struggle with the locks problem.

Travelers should be aware of this current situation.

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