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Travelers: save your back with the elegant Brenthaven Broadmore Wheeled Case

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Travelers, is one of your shoulders stooped and in pain, because you've been heaving heavy bags onto it? After a lengthy trips with a loaded up shoulder bag, carrying your laptop for dear life, you probably can't even stand up straight. But what if you could wheel around your case in ease and style? That would completely change your business travel and presentations! That's why I was so happy to be hosted to experience Brenthaven's Broadmore Wheeled Case.

Broadmore is Brenthaven's luxe collection, with leather touches and chic lines.

A wheeled case will help you for presentations that require lots of or heavy items. When I was an active trial attorney and walked to the courthouse, so many times I would leave the weighty Maryland Annotated Code volume at the office and just borrow a colleagues'. I mean, who wants to trudge books on your shoulder past the age of 18? There are several organizational details that will have you looking -- and feeling -- sharp: card, phone and pen holder sections.

Now, it's not a whole suitcase, but you can certainly stash a change of shirt and a few toiletries in there to freshen up.

I recently took this case on AirTrans as my "personal item" (such as purse or suitcase) and it passed muster with them. However, they've made their aisles so freakin' narrow, I had to lift the case through the aisle . . . but the handles allow that option.

This is what they say about it:

Quilted and fully padded CORE™ Protection laptop compartment
Supple Napa leather trim
Contoured magnetic handles
Telescopic handle system with durable wheels
Soft lined phone pocket
Front panel pockets with organizer features
Individual tracking number
Padded tablet pocket
100% Lifetime Guarantee

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