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Travelers: nap anywhere with the NapAnywhere pillow

Travelers: nap anywhere with the NapAnywhere pillow
Travelers: nap anywhere with the NapAnywhere pillow
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

I don't know about you, but I've about had it with the "big" guys sitting next to me on airplanes who pretend they're asleep and just drifting off onto my shoulder. I'm not your wife! I get it, many of us can only fall asleep with our head going sideways. But with airplane space in the Economy section these days, the situation was nearly hopeless. You can multiply that concept exponentially when traveling by bus or say, van.

That's why I was glad to be hosted to experience the NapAnywhere head support pillow! The Kickstart-funded project was created when the inventor -- a medical doctor -- had an uncomfortable flight four years ago. It's a flat, flexible support stand that you mold and fit to your personal preference. It straps to you like a car seat. It's described as being "Part engineering and part origami, the NapAnywhere's design is one of a kind."

The reversible support device comes in a nice pouch and certainly can fit in any carry-on or briefcase you are carrying. One side is microfiber, the other is a smoother, more vinyl-like feel. They come in different colors, too.

Because your body works as the counter-weight, it definitely will support and cradle your head, without you leaning on a row-mate's shoulder!

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