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Travelers, if Aerosoles don't save your life, they'll sure save your feet!

Travelers, if Aerosoles don't save your life, they'll sure save your feet!
Travelers, if Aerosoles don't save your life, they'll sure save your feet!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

If you travel all around the world like I do, you know how hard it is to find comfy shoes that look elegant! That's why I was so happy to be hosted to experience Aerosoles!

Here's a good story about needing comfortable, professional shoes while traveling:

Last year, I went to a international travel writers' convention in Stuttgart, Germany. If you've never been there, let me tell you: that is a conservatively dressed bunch. No ironic tees under a blazer, no funky vintage dresses, no Carrie/Sex in the City looks, no Lena Dunham dressed like a hot mess for publishing gigs. The going vibe is pretty much the look I wore interviewing to be a military officer. So, I took my heels. Racing around the convention center -- we were given just a few minutes to get to each appointment, some clear across the floor -- I was dying in my high heels. Dying! You couldn't pull the wedding-style hold your shoes in your hands thing, either, going, "Oh, I'm so over these shoes." I had to just take it, feeling blisters form and burst, blood moistening pantyhose. Miserable!

Fortunately going foward, Aerosoles has really upped the sophistication of their comfortable designs. I tried one, Beckon, that's a doppleganger for that French designer. I don't wanna give the late-her any pr, but that patent capped toe spectator ballerina flat shoe has been in style for over 50 years! Aerosoles has done a design trompe l'oeil, too: a rubber sole has been cut to look like leather. I would feel comfortable wearing these on a boat! I do get invited on boats and never had quite the right shoe for a party.

Here's what they say about it:


· Scored Sole – Offers the ultimate flexibility and superior support.

· Heel Rest Design – Distributes weight towards your heel and away from the ball of the foot, resulting in superior comfort.

· Diamond Flex Sole – Engineered for maximum comfort flexibility by absorbing impact and dispersing friction with every step.

· Stitch N Turn – Creates the MOST flexible and comfortable shoes possible; with no break-in time required.

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