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Travelers, here's simple, sweet smelling hair care on the road: Güd's got it all

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When I was a kid, everybody knew that having hair that smelled good was a huge consideration. Remember the shampoo that touted it? Then, hair care was tasked with a million things, involving a million additives. . . and then, that primitive mode of attraction was gone.

But in modern times, we still want hair care that does what we need it to do! That's why I was so glad to be hosted to experience Güd's shampoo and conditioner.

They have several different scents. Pearanormal Activity Natural Nourishing Shampoo and Softening Conditioner have a scent that will appeal to all genders, ages. Here's what they say about the shampoo:

A shampoo that’s jam-packed with botanicals, combined with the scent of pear and açaí berry, for the shiniest hair since the last time something really shiny happened. For a brilliant shine. Hair emanates a peary-berryness. No parabens, phthalates or petrolatum. Never ever tested on animals. No way!

So, what do the products act like on hair? Usually, I need all kinds of odd chemicals, silicones and practically a surgical instrument to detangle my damaged hair. No such intervention needed! It does deliver shine, even to color-treated tresses. The shampoo has a thinner, refreshing consistency, while the conditioner has a lotion consistency.

Check one of your favorite stores below . . . there may even be some 24-hour places to indulge in some presto-quick change for your hair.

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