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Travelers: get Texas natural glamor, skin repair with Farmhouse Fresh

Travelers: get Texas natural glamor, skin repair with Farmhouse Fresh
Travelers: get Texas natural glamor, skin repair with Farmhouse Fresh
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Since at least the late 1970's, people have known that Texas is an epicenter of glamor. It makes perfect sense that a luxurious spa-style skincare line would arise out of there. But FarmHouse Fresh is like the pretty girl with a super brain: there's a lot more going on under the surface. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

Here's a little bit of background on them:

Each product is made with 90% - 99.6% natural and naturally-derived ingredients. Everything we make is Paraben & Sulfate FREE. Many of our products are also Vegan and Gluten Free. Click here to see a full chart. We LOVE crafting complex and scrumptious fragrances, but we also offer a range of products made with only essential oils if that is your preference!

In 2009 we won the Dallas Beauty Award presented by D Magazine in Dallas. You can read the full article here: DBeauty-FarmHouse Fresh Since then our products continue to win consumer awards including Redbook's Most Valuable Beauty Product, Daily Candy's Best of Beauty, Oprah's O-List, Elle Canada Hot List, and more.

In 2012 & 2013, we were voted by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the top 5 Favorite Bodycare Lines in the US, as published in American Spa Magazine. Additionally, our dear favorite shea butter Whoopie! Cream was voted by spas, hotels and resorts as the Favorite Body Lotion, as published in LNE Magazine.

Travelers, body oil sprays are used by the jet-set and celebs. They moisturize, but also are cosmetic, in that they make it so you don't have to wear pantyhose with dresses. It also gives you a little oomph if you're swimming in the Mediterranean, etc. You want to feel part of the jet-set, too, when you're traveling, right? I was just reading a fashion mag that interviewed people around the world as to their beauty habits. A woman from an exotic locale discussed that her mother thought people who didn't moisturize well and exposed their skin "weren't even people"! Didn't know people thought that way, did you? Celebrity makeup artists are the first to tell you that they carry body oil spray at all times.

So, what is their Agave Nectar Body Oil like? This is what they say about it:

The scent is heavenly light - an oat/milk scent (comparable to a to-die-for tiramisu dessert) that women and men alike adore. But it's so much more than a body oil. Made with a special blend of extracts tested and proven to reduce the rate of your skin's water loss - one of the culprits in signs of aging. Barley, Sandalwood and Amurense bark combine with Agave Nectar and a blend of natural oils to deeply hydrate without a greasy afterfeel. This bottle of glistening comfort even turns white in the water, so any droplets on your clothing or sheets remove clean in the wash. No staining. How brilliant!

96% natural and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil is Paraben & Sulfate free.

I detected a fruit/cream/nut scent, warm and relaxing. It has a light oil texture that blends into the skin easily. It leaves a satiny finish on skin. They advise to use it just after a shower, and I'd go along with that. It seals moisture in! This an oil that anyone can use, because it doesn't have a tint and it doesn't have glitter. So, I'd recommend it for all ages, genders.

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