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Travelers, get ready for Coachella, Earth Day with Soft Star shoes

Travelers, get ready for Coachella, Earth Day with Soft Star shoes
Travelers, get ready for Coachella, Earth Day with Soft Star shoes
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Ah, how travel writers seek the Holy Grail of the comfy walking shoe! There was a point I didn't have any. During one travel writers' convention, we all had walk around and tour some site. I thought maybe I had some degenerative disease -- I simply couldn't keep up with anyone! Investigating further, I realized I had very uncomfortable shoes that were causing blisters. A fashion don't!

Soft Star offers a number of different shoes for men, women and children in minimalist styles for runners and also, with a little bit of sole for the rest of us. They even have a custom design option, in case you don't find what you're looking for. I was very glad to be hosted to experience them!

I tried a model that has a breathable top, perfect for when it's hot out, but when you can't be inappropriate with your toes peeking out. I've been on some tours where the destination (a factory or ag site) said, "No open toed shoes". These pack flat, don't take up much room in a suitcase. But you might want to fly with them on! They have a design that allows your foot to have a life of its own inside the shoe. They've got a funky look - not formal -- but you'll travel in style. They're soft and breathable. Laces stay tied.

Perfect for music fests such as Coachella and Earth Day, here's a little info about them:

Soft Star specializes in handcrafted, high quality, and supremely comfortable shoes for those that recognize the benefits of being as close to barefoot as possible. Using only chemical-free leathers and food-grade dyes, Soft Star and its team of “elf” artisans, create natural, soft, and functional footwear that not only keep feet comfortable, but are flexible enough to allow for natural and healthy movement of the foot.

Walking lightly on the earth isn’t just about their shoes! For Soft Star, critically evaluating the upstream impact of the raw materials that go into shoes is the most important way to make meaningful improvements to our world. A recipient of the “We Conserve” stamp of approval for their efforts to locally source materials, conserve energy, and reduce and reuse whenever possible, Soft Star has always made earth-friendly business practices a top priority. This is apparent every day in their minimal shipping and packaging techniques as well as in their 100% solar and wind powered workshop. They even provide incentives for employees that bike that to work.

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