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Travelers: get jet-setters' hair with French luxury brand, Phyto

Travelers: get jet-setters' hair with French luxury brand, Phyto
Travelers: get jet-setters' hair with French luxury brand, Phyto
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

If you're a frequent traveler like I am, airplanes, hats, outdoor weather, sun and even cheap hotel linens probably have wreaked havoc on your hair. You probably have one of two problems: very dry hair or flat hair . . . or even both. Everyone knows that the French have been making the very best in luxury products since the days of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Phyto has been leading the pack in glamorous hair care since 1969. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

In Haute Provence, botanicals grow abundantly: lavender, sage, rosemary, and juniper. In the 1960's, Patrick Alès was one of Paris' most famous hairdressers. He combined his interest of plants along with his hair knowledge to create Phyto. His clients included beauty icons and jet-setters Catherine Deneuve and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. He invented the blowdry style, still the hallmark of styling today, as an alternative to stiff roller sets.

This is what they say about the brand:

Overall, our formulas contain over 500 active botanical ingredients and are 95% botanical. Our scientists extract the most active molecules found in the root, flower, bud, fruit, resin, or seeds. The manufacturing secret lies in the various extraction methods used, such as decoction or maceration.

Also, PHYTO's highly concentrated formulas are housed in recyclable aluminum and glass for their non-porous properties which help minimize the use of preservatives.

THE RESULT: Formulas that are highly concentrated in active botanical ingredients, with minimal to no water added, and no parabens*, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and alcohol, or silicones**. Phytopolléine, for example, is comprised of 100% essential oils and contains over 4 pounds of fresh plants per 0.84 fl. oz. Therefore, only a small amount of product is needed to garner remarkable results.

This is what I say:

To start -- PHYTOPOLLÉINE. Whether you've gotten a sunburned scalp, heat/sweat blisters, dry scalp from outdoors sports, irritated scalp from harsh hair coloring, you'll say "ahhhh" upon application of this pre-shampoo treatment. In years past, I've had such an irritated scalp that colorists refused to touch up my roots. Bah! If you've ever empathized with doggies scratching "hot spots," you'll appreciate this product. "This 100% essential oil blend instantly purifies and stimulates micro-circulation to awaken the scalp and energize hair. It is the perfect remedy for those suffering from an unbalanced scalp, whether it is dry, oily, itchy, sensitive, or prone to dandruff. A fortifying boost for hair, it prepares the scalp and boosts the action of thinning hair treatments." Though in a glass bottle, it's still small enough for a 3-1-1 bag. It's a thin fluid with a powerful rosemary-herbal scent. You use it on parted hair with the dropper 20 minutes before shampooing, giving yourself a massage.

Another to start: SUBTIL ELIXIR. This is for the lengths and end of your hair, a pre-treatment for shine and revitalization. It's a light, almost fruity-floral scented oil in a pump glass bottle. You massage it delicately onto dry hair.

The change you will notice with Phyto hair products is that, perhaps for the first time in years, your hair will look like your lively hair. Many products on the market are so full of mineral oils, waxes, silicones, that you've probably over-coated your hair. Remember when that dead-broomstick hair was popular in the 90's? Hair that had no texture or life at all? That passe' look is gone with Phyto products. It properly cleanses and doesn't leave heavy residues. Your hair will have a freshness and life to it.

The other change I noticed is that with traveling and the terrible Polar Vortex, I haven't gotten out to the hairdresser for months. I just realized this! Normally, my hair after a few weeks is so split and damaged, I have to get my butt out of the house for a haircut -- even if I'm sick or it's sleeting or I don't feel like driving. There's no ignoring it! Fellow travel journalists have definitely seen me on several occasions get haircuts in foreign countries at salons that don't necessarily speak English. I mean, how do you say, "face framing layers" in Dutch? I felt like I was taking my life into my hands! But if you have important meetings and your hair is all damaged and cheap-looking, what can you do? The answer is, of course, I should have been using Phyto all along.

The Phytojoba line has lots of jojoba in it, said to be the closest oil to human sebum. It'll be like you always grew great-looking hair! There are color-protecting versions, as well as matching conditioners. Always use a conditioner! I remember feeling sad when my dad was getting elderly and he asked me, "What's hair conditioner?" It's like he had been missing out on something to make him better groomed all of his life! I think that some sporty gals and lots of guys don't use conditioner, and they should. And -- between you and me -- if you have any gray hairs (even if you color your hair), you'd better use a fine conditioner like those from the Phyto line. Gray hair doesn't have the same surface and chemical makeup as younger hair - it's hard to control and has lost its shine. I like combing conditioner through my hair with a wide-toothed comb while still in the shower. I feel it helps distribute the product more thoroughly.

Phyto is sold at select retailers nationwide: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. If you able to find the "Must Have Duos", those are the perfect size for your 3-1-1 bag. The Full Volume Duo is a savior while traveling, because it makes your hair voluminous/lively enough to easily and quickly style it. Your hair will quickly take to a curl or flip, while you just can't do anything with limp hair. The Intense Repair Duo is good for a little, quiet spa night in your hotel room, fixing that damage you've inflicted on yourself.

I love hair masks, but some don't fit into my lifestyle. You ever read those homemade beauty books, telling you to walk around the house with eggs and mayo on your head for an hour? Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask is a rich cream texture and only takes 2-5 minutes!


Sometimes your hair needs a touch of something to keep it extra glossy and tamed for styles. Phyto 7 is but of several finishing products that Phyto makes, depending on the texture of your hair. See, one product does not fit all! Infused with seven pure and natural plant extracts, it's a leave-in conditioner instantly hydrates, smoothes and protects fine to medium textured tresses while preventing frizz and split ends. It leaves a natural glow, but not a slick shine. It's a lotion-textured product that does work in a travel 3-1-1 bag.

Do you ever envy the naturally glossy hair of people who have those glossy, long manes? Maybe you've shrugged the hope away, thinking you just didn't have the genetic makeup to have them. Like, "Why can't I have hair like that?" You can go a long way toward that with PHYTOLISSE, a leave-in serum for wet or dry hair. It's in a smaller pump glass bottle that is small enough to work in a traveler's 3-1-1 bag. It's a very thin fluid texture. Use a few drops on wet hair to help detangle. Use several drops on a a shorter dry do, for that 80's wet texture stylized look. It will also help highlights glisten under lights, stage people.

According to, these are the many, many celebs who use Phyto:

Female Celebrities Who Love Phyto

Alyssa Milano - Phytodefrisant
Ashley Judd - Phytovolume Actif
Bette Midler - Phytoplage Gel
Brooke Shields - Phytolaque, Phytovolume Actif
Cameron Diaz - Phytolaque
Carolyn Murphy - Phyto Look Holding Spray
Claire Danes - Phyto Pro Ultra Brilliance Crme
Cybil Shepperd - Phytoplague Gel
Drew Barrymore - Phytolaque
Elizabeth Shue - Phytodefrisant, Phytosesame, Phytoplage Line
Farrah Fawcett - Phytoplage Line
Geena Davis - Entire Phyto line
Gillian Anderson - Phytodefrisant
Goldie Hawn - Phytovolume Actif
Gwyneth Paltrow - Phyto 7, Phytodefrisant
Heather Locklear - Phytodefrisant, Phytovolume Actif
Hope Davie - Phytovolume Actif, Phytovolume
Jeanne Tripplehorn - Phytodefrisant
Jenna Elfman - Phyto 7
Jennifer Aniston - Phytodefrisant
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Phytovolume Actif
Jessica Simpson - Phytolaque Soie
Julia Roberts - Phytokeratine, Phytolaque Soie, Phytolait
Julianna Margulies - Phytodefrisant
Kate Capshaw - Phytocadamia, Phytocidre
Kelly Preston - Phytodefrisant
Kim Basinger - Ultra Brilliance Creme, Phytorhum, Phytolaque Soie
Lauren Holly - Phytovolume Actif, Phytolaque
Lela Rochon - Phytodefrisant
Lisa Kudrow - Phytodefrisant
Liv Tyler - Phytovolume Actif, Phyto 9
Maitland Ward - Phytocidre, Phytosesame
Marisa Tomei - Phytologie Shampoo
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson - Phytovolume
Melina Kanakaredes - Phytovolume Actif
Minnie Driver - Phyto 9, Phytodefrisant
Mira Sorvino - Phytovolume Actif
Nastassia Kinski - Phytolaque Phytoplage Line
Pamela Anderson Lee - Phytoplage Oil and Gel
Peri Gilpin - Phytodefrisant
Portia De Rossi - Phyto 7, Phytonectar, Plage Line
Raquel Welch - Phytojoba
Reese Witherspoon - Whole Line
Rene Russo - Phyto 7
Roseanne - Phytovolume Actif
Rosie O'Donnell - Phytoplage Oil
Salma Hayek - Phytodefrisant, Phyto Pro Volumizing Mousse
Sandra Bullock - Phytodefrisant
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Phytoplage Oil Spray
Selma Blair - PhytoVolume Actif
Sharon Stone - Phytofix
Teri Hatcher - Phytovolume
Uma Thurman - Phytovolume Actif Spray
Winona Ryder - Phytovolume Actif

Men In Film Who Love Phyto

Nicolas Cage - Phytorhum
Leonardo DiCaprio - Phytoplage Oil
Harrison Ford - Phyto Shampoos
Harvey Keitel - Phyto Shampoos
Matt Lauer - Phytoplage Gel
Brad Pitt - Phytoplage Oil
Stephen Spielberg - Phytorhum, Phytargent

Models Who Love Phyto

Nadja Auermann - Phyto Pro #8 Sculpting Gel
Tyra Banks - Phyto 7, Phyto 9
Carla Bruni - Phytovolume Actif
Linda Evangelista - Phyto 7
Elizabeth Hurley - Phytodefrisant, Phytovolume Actif
Elle MacPherson - Phyto Shampoos
Tatjana Patitz - Phytovolume Actif
Nikki Taylor - Phyto 9
Gabrielle Reece - Phytoplage Line
Roshumba - Phytoplage Gel
Amber Valetta - Phytovolume Actif

Musicians Who Love Phyto

Paula Abdul - Phytodefrisant, Phytovolume Actif
Mariah Carey - Phytodefrisant,
Courtney Love - Phytorhum, Phytorose, Phytovolume Actif, Phyto 7, Phytolaque Soie
Jennifer Lopez - Phytodefrisant
Britney Spears - Phytopro Volumizing Mousse #6
The Dixie Chicks - Phytolaque Soie, Phytovolume Actif
Linda Evangelista - Phyto 7
Elizabeth Hurley - Phytodefrisant, Phytovolume Actif
Elle MacPherson - Phyto Shampoos
Tatjana Patitz - Phytovolume Actif
Nikki Taylor - Phyto 9
Gabrielle Reece - Phytoplage Line
Roshumba - Phytoplage Gel
Amber Valetta - Phytovolume Actif

Movies & TV Casts Who Loved Phyto

Back Again (1997)
Baywatch (1999 - 2000) Entire cast used Phyto products.
Martial Law - 20th Century Fox w/ Denzel Washington (1999)
Stigmata - w/ Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne (1999)
Daddy & Them - Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Kelly Preston, Ben Affleck, Brenda Blethyn (1999)
King Of The Jungle - Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez, Annabella Sciorra, John Leguizamo (1999)
Party of Five - Entire cast
Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Entire cast (2000)
Down To You - Freddie Prinze Jr., Julia Stiles & Selma Blair (2000)
American Psycho - Christian Bale, Reese Witherspoon (2000)
Pearl Harbor - Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Alec Baldwin, Gene Hackman (2001)
Sidewalks Of New York - Edward Burns, Heather Graham (2001)
The Business Of Strangers - Julia Stiles, Stockard Channing (2001)
Scorched - Alicia Silverstone, Woody Arelson (2001)
Sex And The City - Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis (2001)
Rosie O'Donnell Show - Rosie O'Donnell (2001)
MTV News - Serena Altschul, John Norris (2001)

Celebrities Who Love PhytoDefrisant

Alyssa Milano
Courtney Love
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Shue
Geena Davis
Gillian Anderson
Gwyneth Paltrow
Halle Berry
Heather Locklear
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Julianna Margulies
Kate Hudson
Kelly Preston
Lela Rochon
Lisa Kudrow
Mariah Carey
Minnie Driver
Paula Abdul
Peri Gilpin
Portia De Rossi
Salma Hayek
Sandra Bullock

Celebrities Who Love PhytoVolume & Phyto Volume Systems

Amber Valetta - Phytovolume Actif
Ashley Judd - Phytovolume Actif
Brittney Spears - Phytopro Volumizing Mousse #6
Brooke Shields - Phytovolume Actif
Carla Bruni - Phytovolume Actif
Courtney Love - Phytovolume Actif,
Dixie Chicks - Phytovolume Actif
Elizabeth Hurley - Phytodefrisant, Phytovolume Actif
Goldie Hawn - Phytovolume Actif
Heather Locklear - Phytovolume Actif
Hope Davie - Phytovolume Actif, Phytovolume
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Phytovolume Actif
Lauren Holly - Phytovolume Actif
Liv Tyler - Phytovolume Actif
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson - Phytovolume
Melina Kanakaredes - Phytovolume Actif
Mira Sorvino - Phytovolume Actif
Paula Abdul - Phytovolume Actif
Roseanne - Phytovolume Actif
Salma Hayek - Phytodefrisant, Phyto Pro Volumizing Mousse
Selma Blair - PhytoVolume Actif
Tatjana Patitz - Phytovolume Actif
Teri Hatcher - Phytovolume
Uma Thurman - Phytovolume Actif Spray
Winona Ryder - Phytovolume Actif

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