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Travelers: enjoy the benefits of Iceland's bounty with skyn ICELAND

Travelers: enjoy the benefits of Iceland's bounty with skyn ICELAND
Travelers: enjoy the benefits of Iceland's bounty with skyn ICELAND
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

I've traveled to Iceland a couple of times and am always fascinated by the vegetation way up at Europe's northernmost capital. I've eaten at restaurants that featured the bounty of Iceland. Exceptional! Gorgeous! Things that can grow there have a special tenacity and phyto-nutrients. The water quality in Iceland is also exceptional. Wouldn't it be great if you could utilize the treasure trove of nature on your skin? Well, you can, with skyn ICELAND! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it. This is what they say about the brand:

Our inspiration comes from nature, in the pure unspoiled natural resources of Iceland – with its mineral rich waters, antioxidant powered berries, soothing algaes, replenishing mosses and immune boosting Angelica Archangelica. With these potent naturals, we created products that soothe, stabilize, fortify and nourish skin, bringing it back into balance and returning it to a glowing, youthful state.

Their packaging is cute: labels suggest all of the dire situations for which you may need their products -- like eating carbs all day, not wearing sunscreen, being hungover, etc.

skyn ICELAND has several products that are perfect for travelers:

Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels with Elastin and Peptides have been given awards by beauty mags such as Bazaar. It's absolutely perfect for air travel -- it doesn't count against your 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag. It's flat and only takes 10 minutes to use, depuffing eyes, refreshing. I would and will use it on planes! Why not? It's great at home, too . . . a quick addition to "spa night".

Glacial Cleansing Cloths with White Willow Bark & Cucumber Extract are also perfect for air travel; they, too will not count against your 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag. The natural ingredients it contains should help defend against breakouts, too. They don't require water to rinse off, which is good when you don't want to use sketchy public restrooms.

Pure Cloud Cream with Arctic Berries and Peptides is good for dry, sensitive skin and is sized for a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag. I've had Arctic berries in things like cocktails. They're tart and full of nutrition, like cranberries. The cream itself has a chocolate mousse-like texture and doesn't feel greasy or heavy.

Beauty experts always say, you gotta use an eye cream to preserve your looks. Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Cotton Powder has a light, pudding texture, so you don't have to drag it all around to apply it. It's for minimizing puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. It too is sized to fit in a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag.

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