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Travelers: do good and smell good with Ex Animo fragrances

Travelers: do good and smell good with Ex Animo fragrances
Travelers: do good and smell good with Ex Animo fragrances
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Sure, we travelers like to have luxury, but as we see more and more of the world, our consciences are sharpened, too. Not everyone can have the experiences we are lucky to have. Wouldn't it be great if you could help others out and enjoy yourself immensely as you do so? Ex Animo is a very interesting company that's reaching out while creating unique beauty products. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

This is their stated motto:

Our vision was to establish a movement to heighten social awareness and provide aid to women and children around the world. Scents with a Purpose is at the very heart of every fragrance we design. This movement invokes change by partnering with organizations that empower women and children to live dignified sustainable lives.

We have currently partnered with Daughters of Cambodia, a non-governmental organization that embraces a lasting vision by providing safety, education, and innovative opportunities, for victims of sex trafficking.

For more information please visit

Ex Animo has one of the beauty trends: hair fragrance. That's a lighter and different scent than regular perfume, made to go well with hair oils. Hair is one of the most primitive beauty attractors we have. The company has a few options; I tried one called "O'Me". Here's how they describe it:

Dynamic, elegant, and luxurious, Ex Animo O'Me is a sophisticated classic with modern flare. Striking brilliant top notes of lilly, orchard and honeysuckle. The middle notes are warm vanilla bourbon, bergamot, and Southeast Asian blood orange. The base of the scent is a ocean breezes of marine and opulent musk, truly captivate and entice your senses with this stylish fragrance.

It's lightly sweet, yet more complicated than a typical gourmand fragrance. Grown up and special! It's sized perfectly for 3-1-1 carry on travel bags.