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Travelers: be cute for selfies, social posts with Mally blush, mascara

Travelers: be cute for selfies, social posts with Mally blush, mascara
Travelers: be cute for selfies, social posts with Mally blush, mascara
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Even if you think you're gonna go bare, just travel incognito, life has other plans! I can't tell you how many times people have asked me if I wanted my pic taken at a scenic spot or really, just demanded that I pose for a photo with other travel writers. Sometimes, I can't get out of it, though I've tried joking that I'm Amish and don't pose for photos. I just know that "it takes a village," and that without sculpting products and mascara (at the very least), the results will be a fright.

That's why I was glad to be hosted to experience Mally Shimmer, Shape and Glow, as well as Volumizing Mascara!

Shimmer, Shape and Glow is a whole portable system to create cheekbones and facial dimension with the correct textured brushes, colors and finishes. You no longer have to do as I used to: taking some greyish-taupe eyeshadow and using it as contour powder. Each brush/brush end picks up color in a different way, meaning light hairs are good for a dust of the glow color, whereas denser hairs are good for contour. The contour is appropriately matte, which so many aren't. Plus, the colors are in a credible gradation from each other, so they look more natural on your skin. Speaking of natural, the colors are a lot sheerer than one might expect, so you really can build believable cheekbones.

Speaking of great surprises, I didn't know what to expect application-wise out of the Volumizing Mascara, the QVC Viewers Choice winner of 2013. I had heard about how the mascara was conceived, out of a desire to get rid of fiber applications, etc., so I didn't know how it would apply in real life. It's glossy, flexible, credible, non-spiky. It's not spidery or clumpy at all. Just one coat is a solid addition to a natural makeup, perfect while traveling.

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