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Becoming a magical person does not happen overnight. Some people adapt more quickly than others in various areas. It may take you sometime to feel comfortable about carrying your tools and accessories with you. Most people begin by choosing a piece of jewelry as a protective amulet or as a symbol of their new reality.

As you feel the need for different items, you may start zipping around town getting quite a collection of magickal supplies. Even the most closeted Witch tends to tell at least one very close friend or family member of their Craft Association, and often are called upon by that person for help.

If you are so inclined as to share that knowledge, then you may want to carry a few items with you for those " out of the blue " requests. Plastic boxes especially filers with compartments and handles work well for transportation of many items. There are boxes that can be placed between the two bucket seatsin a car, complete with writing on top. For smaller items that you wish to carry on your person, a little leather or cloth pouch pinned under shirts, trouser cuffs, or undergarments work well.

Pouches can also be strung about the neck but if this is too noticeable and you are a woman, you can sew the pouch onto a garter. This works well if the lady is going somewhere that she cannot take a purse, or wished to keep the item close to her at all times.

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