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Travel toys for tots: I Spy bags

I Spy bag by Etsy seller LusciousLemon
I Spy bag by Etsy seller LusciousLemon

Whenever it's time to leave Honolulu, there's always a flight involved. Whether it's a half hour to Maui or six hours to California, parents need good diversions to occupy their little ones in the air. I Spy bags are a fun, colorful and quiet way to entertain toddlers and older children.

An I Spy bag is a bean bag with a clear window into the bag's interior. About two dozen or so small objects, like a button, miniature clothespin or small animal figurines are tucked into the mix so when kids shift and manipulate the bag, the objects come into view--a hide-and-seek picture window that is endlessly amusing for little ones.

These bags are easy to find on Etsy by searching for "I Spy Bag." They come in an enormous variety of prints, sizes and colors and are generally very affordable. The rainbow bag in the photo is one I purchased from the seller LusciousLemon and I am very pleased with the quality and vibrant colors. Though the bags are often very well-made, with any purchase involving small objects adult supervision is required to mitigate choking risk. Always check the seams before beginning play.

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