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Travel tips about Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Wiki reports that “Hartsfield–Jackson, is located seven miles (11 km) south of the central business district of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has been the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998, and by number of landings and take-offs since 2005. Hartsfield–Jackson held its ranking as the world's busiest airport in 2012, both in passengers and number of flights, by accommodating 95 million passengers (more than 260,000 passengers daily) and 950,119 flights. Many of the nearly one million flights are domestic flights from within the United States, where Atlanta serves as a major hub for travel throughout the Southeastern United States. The airport has 207 domestic and international gates.”

Wiki also goes on to say that, “Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and is the primary hub of Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection partner ExpressJet; at nearly 1,000 flights a day, the Delta hub is the world's largest airline hub. Delta Air Lines flew 59.01% of passengers from the airport in February 2011, AirTran flew 17.76%, and ExpressJet flew 13.86%.[8] In addition to hosting Delta's corporate headquarters, Hartsfield–Jackson is also the home of Delta's Technical Operations Center, which is the airline's primary maintenance, repair and overhaul arm. The airport has international service to North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.”

Travel Tips for Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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Search for arriving and departing flight information here. Also, register online to receive updated flight information to your e-mail, PDA or mobile device with our state-of-the-art ATL Trak-a-FlightSM service. The service is FREE and only takes a few minutes to register. Registration can be cancelled at any time.

Official site:

Terminal Layout
All concourses are served by Delta, and the other airlines are split up between the airport's concourses as follows:
Concourse T – 15 gates (T1–T15) – American and United
Concourse A – 29 gates (A1–A7, A9–A12, A15–A21, A24–A34)
Concourse B – 32 gates (B1–B7, B9–B14, B16–B29, B31–B34, B36)
Concourse C – 40 gates (C1–C17, C19–C22, C30, C33–C37, C40–C43, C45–C47, C49–C53, C55) – AirTran and Southwest

Concourse D – 43 gates (D1, D1A, D2–D8, D8A, D9–D11, D11A, D12–D16, D21–D42, D44, D46) – AirTran, Alaska, Frontier, Spirit, United and US Airways

Concourse E – 28 gates (E1–E12, E14–E18, E26–E36) and 3 stands (6NA–6NC) – all international airlines except Air Canada
Concourse F – 12 gates (F1–F10, F12, F14) – Air Canada and international flights
Note: All international arrivals (except flights with customs pre-clearance) are handled at Concourses E and F.

Mapquest Directions from Hartsfield-Jackson

Airport Mobile Website
Hartsfield-Jackson is proud to launch its new mobile Web site, Mobile device users will notice a more streamlined, abbreviated version of our robust, main site to help you find important information faster on the go! It’s another way we want to exceed our customers’ expectations!

So, when you log onto from your mobile device, you will be automatically diverted to the new site designed specifically to a fit your mobile screen. Enjoy!

Airport Response to Georgia Gun Legislation
“The safety and security of our guests is Hartsfield-Jackson’s top priority. You may be aware of recent changes in Georgia law that will take effect on July 1, 2014. Please be advised that federal law and Georgia law will continue to prohibit the carrying of weapons on our concourses or at any location in the secured areas of the Airport. The Airport’s law enforcement officers and our federal security partners work tirelessly to ensure the safest traveling experience for the more than 250,000 passengers we serve each day. Thank you for choosing Hartsfield Jackson.”

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