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Travel, the passion of an adventurous heart...

Carol Lent - Travel Examiner

Travel, it is not for the weak at heart or for those that shy away from the unkown. As I was looking through the looking lens on this picture, it reminded me of a place in time when travel used to be safe. I was speaking with some colleagues the other day and they were relating to me their travel adventures throughout the Caribbean and the European nations. It was lighthearted talk, but more importantly, it showed the adventure that lives inside of these very young at heart, active people.

Today, as many celebrations are nearing, with Cinco de Mayo and the Mother's and Father's days approaching, I would like my readers to remember that travel is the passion of the adventurous heart. Sometimes you must fuel that passion, fan the flames, take in some inspiration and create adventure where the world of routine work, heavy loaded schedules and business will tie you down and keep you from traveling.

Here is inspiration, in this picture. That you see the travel adventure spirit that you have perhaps lost or simply tucked away somewhere.

Best Travels!
Carol Lent