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Travel spotlight: Chicago - Part 2: Let's talk food!

A good crunch and a little spice go a long way with this inexpensive food option.
A good crunch and a little spice go a long way with this inexpensive food option.
Image credit: @mscourtneybeth (Instagram)

Chicago is definitely known for its culinary options. For a city where people walk everywhere, it’s easy to work up an appetite and there are tourist favorites and local places that can please any palate.


Kanela Breakfast Club is in the Old Town area of North Chicago and offers a classy, yet still casual approach to breakfast. Their options run from oatmeal and fruit (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and much more than the typical cantaloupe and honeydew fruit bowls that restaurants usually give) to duck confit hash and banana split crepes. The food is fresh and delicious with a great cup of strong coffee, perfect to start the day out well-fueled.

Elaine’s Coffee Call connected to the Hotel Lincoln is a vibrant alternative to Starbucks with tasty cappuccinos and a few lighter breakfast items to take on the go. Try their toasted peanut butter and jelly!


Anyone will tell you that Giordano’s is the place to visit for deep dish pizza. There are several locations to try these legendary pies and the location on Rush is just a couple blocks down from Gino’s East, so it’s up to you to decide which deep dish place is your must try. Then again, why choose just one?

Luke’s Italian Beef is not the place to go if you want fancy. There is a long line, it’s crowded and hectic. However, they do offer an inexpensive food lover delight if you’re wanting the true Chicago experience: The Chicago dog. The hot dog comes complete with electric green relish and the vast array of condiments that make the Chicago dog what it is. They also offer pizza and the famed Italian beef that gives a good lunch option for everyone.


RPM Italian is a restaurant owned by Giuliana and Bill Rancic. They do take reservations which is a major plus and it’s wise to make these ahead before you arrive in town, so that you can plan around your time exploring the city. The food and drinks are delicious and the price is right as a special dinner for the trip. With the cheaper eats from Giardano’s and Luke’s, it balances the food budget out.

Sable has unique flavors with some of the best curry ever tasted. Pork belly sliders and deviled eggs are some of the other unique options available at this chic restaurant. The bar in front can pack up quickly, but head to the back to get a seat if you want to eat.

Travel tip: Ask for suggestions! Before you go, on the plane, at the hotel and everywhere else along the way, ask for recommendations and keep them saved in a notepad app on your phone. Also, keep bottled water and snacks handy for between meals so you don’t wait until you’re starving and end up wasting a meal on fast food.

This is only a short list of the many options that Chicago has to offer. Research a little bit before you go and mark down places you want to try depending on what you appetite craves. After you know what to eat, find out things to do in this great city. Part 3 of Travel spotlight: Chicago will be up tomorrow!

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