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Travel Somewhere New and Unexplored This Valentine's Day: We Explain Why

Be Creative This Valentine's Day
Be Creative This Valentine's Day
Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

This Valentine's Day get creative and travel somewhere you've never been before! Before you book a vacation though, let me explain why I advise you to do this.

Nothing bonds people better than traveling together. Also, new and unknown experiences with uncertainty spark passion and romance in people. It's a fact of human psychology.

In addition, on a trip you will both see each others worst and best characteristics... but you will learn to live with them because the experience is so amazing. She or he will be amazed at the world around her even if it's just your old hometown or a place that's totally new. It will be an opportunity for learning and growing. Go boating on the Mekong never know what awesome sights you will see! Another great fact about traveling with someone for V-Day is if you are with someone who is traveling they will see the beauty in everything around them...they will not want to go out for an expensive dinner and be handed expensive jewelry if they are too busy exploring a super cool new place! Just make sure the place is pretty amazing!

Travelling is a journey of self discovery; often learning as much about yourself as you do about the destinations you are visiting. So if he or she loves to travel and you play your cards right, they just might love you that much more. And perhaps that next romantic sunset can be admired by you both in a new place!

Here's a list of cool places you could go to:

1. Your old hometown (maybe she/he's been or maybe she/he's never been...either way, pack up and go)!

2. Ile de France Paris- Very romantic, plenty of picturesque bridges and outdoor cafes

3. Honolulu, Hawaii- Honolulu is the perfect base for enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer. Stroll or sunbathe on white-and beaches, climb a volcanic crater, surf the best waves, hold hands and watch the sun dip below the horizon or enjoy romantic candlelit dining and live entertainment.

4. Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Red Sea and Sinai, Egypt- The dramatic coastline of Na'ama Bay on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula makes a stunning backdrop for a romantic escape.

5. New Orleans' - The distinct sensual soundtrack plays as you explore the atmospheric streets of the French Quarter and beyond. Jazz, zydeco and blues waft out of bars and lounges, the clip of hoofs resounds as carriages trot past and the murmur of couples' voices rises from hidden courtyard cafes.

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