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Travel Planning for Seniors

When planning for a trip, as with many things in life, proper planning makes all the difference. Planning far enough ahead ensures that you get the maximum discounts that you can possibly get, and a minimum of hassle when the time comes. If you limited mobility or other special health needs, planning well enough in advance is extremely important to make sure you have what you need, when you need it wherever you go. Even with extensive planning, you can never fully predict or prevent everything that can happen, but these travel planning trips should help for most of them.

Shop Around for Great Discounts

Talk to your travel agent first, since they should know all about the discounts that are available to you as a senior. If you want to do your research on your own, you can refer to the internet with traveler tours like Eldertreks.

Eldertreks ( is a travel tour company just for small groups of people over 50, and is for people who want exotic adventure, off the beaten path. Not only is this a great way for seniors to travel, but you will also meet fun, like-minded people in the process.

If that’s not what you’re interested in, start doing some hotel research long before you make any plans. Make a list of hotels, prices, discounts and amenities in the area/s you’d like to be staying. Compare the locations of these hotels to the locations of the sights you want to see and look into the available public transportation in the area. Read the reviews of the hotels and if there are more than five or six bad reviews, don’t stay there.

Use travel search engines like SideStep, Expedia, Kayak and Travelocity to compare flight costs and reviews, as well as hotels and other places to stay and things to do. With all of these notes and research, you will need to keep all of your findings in a notebook to keep them handy.

Make Health Preparations

Talk to your primary care physician and any specialists you consult on a regular basis before you make your final plans. You might need to undergo a physical to make sure you are completely up to travel, especially if you are going overseas. You might also require certain vaccinations depending on where you are going.

Travel insurance is a must if you are traveling for a long distance, as your health insurance provider probably doesn’t cover beyond a certain point. Look into getting travel insurance first with your domestic insurance provider, as they might be able to offer it to you at a discount.

Packing and Luggage Preparation

You carry on bag should contain everything you will need on your flight, including any medications you will need while in flight, plus a few extra just in case you drop one and cannot find it. Make sure you have enough medication to last you for the whole trip, because some medications are not offered in other countries. Ask your doctor to write a signed note with the names of your prescriptions for you to take with you. To make carrying your luggage easier, get one with wheels. To make it easier to find your luggage, apply a piece of brightly colored tape across one of the pockets.

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