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Travel Links: Week of January 5-January 12

Don't expect to get to actually see the Vatican Archives
Don't expect to get to actually see the Vatican Archives

The web has become an amazing tool for travelers across the globe to share their ideas and experiences. From far-reaching and exotic destinations to packing a cooler for a quick day trip, most people these days head to their computer before heading out the front door.

In the spirit of Travel Tuesdays, I have decided to post a few of the more interesting travel links I have come across from the week that was of surfing the web. Here is my compilation for the week of January 5- January 12:

It Won't be a Gamble Spending the Day in the Town of Cripple Creek 52 Perfect Days

Enjoy Elevated Chills at the Ourey Ice Festival The Circumference

It Takes a Year to Make it as a Travel Writer Gypsytracks

Top 10 Value Destinations for 2010 MSNBC

A Farewell to Giants ESPN

When Stealing from a Hotel is OK Lonely Planet

Reflections on my Blogging Year and Goals for 2010 Heather on her Travels

Tell Us the Best Place to go in 2010 New York Times

26 Killer Travel Gadget Every Geek Needs Vagabondish

Top 10 Places You Can't Go DreyX


  • Megan Eaves - Albuquerque City Guide Examiner 5 years ago

    Hi Kory,

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for posting a link to my blog, Gypsytracks. I really appreciate the mention. Happy Travel Tuesday to you up in Colorado Springs!

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