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Travel Links: Week of January 19-25

The Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, Prague
The Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, Prague
Ashley Palmero, Flickr
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The web has become an amazing tool for travelers across the globe to share their ideas and experiences. From far-reaching and exotic destinations to packing a cooler for a quick day trip, most people these days head to their computer before heading out the front door.

In the spirit of Travel Tuesdays, I have decided to post a few of the more interesting travel links I have come across from the week that was of surfing the web. Here is my compilation for the week of January 19- January 25:

Fiji- My Dream Come True Travel Designed By Stephanie

The Most Pornographic Status You Must See Around the World Off Track Planet

Marian Matta Photographs (Amazing pictures) LiveJournal

The Time-Honoured Astronomical Clock of Old Town Prague The Circumference

Let’s Celebrate Marlon Green, Ruth Carol Taylor, and Other Pioneering Black People in Commercial Aviation The Cranky Flier

A Day in the Life of an Expat in Thailand Matador Abroad

5 American Adventures for 2010 Matador Sports

A Gangland Bus Tour, With Lunch and a Waiver NY Times

Q&A With Travel Photographer Robert Caplin Frugal Traveler

Family On Bikes Amateur Traveler

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  • Brenda and Gary 5 years ago

    Very intesting web sites for travel. Thank you for the information. Brenda and Gary

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