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Travel, life dulling your skin? Phytoceane to the rescue!

Travel, life dulling your skin? Phytoceane to the rescue!
Travel, life dulling your skin? Phytoceane to the rescue!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Has dull skin caused by winter weather, sun exposure due to travel or even pregnancy made you want to escape to exotic locales, to seek the finest natural treatments? But . . . you're not in the market to do that right now, right? Well, here comes Phytoceane to the rescue! I was very glad to be hosted to experience it.

Let them do the running around, gathering the ingredients you need to brighten your complexion, it's their raison d'être: "Phytocéane ventures beyond the horizon taking you on a journey into the most beautiful seas to discover the perfection of marine ingredients, exotic treatments, and a world of spa innovation."

With an SPF of 15, the Hydra-Bright Radiance Cream not only has your present damage, but also your future sun damage/sun spots/discoloration under control. Let's face it, you're not going to travel all around to gather the active ingredients: Brown algae, Dictyopteris Extract, Seaside Plant, Sea Lily Extract. The cream comes with a spatula for more hygienic application. It barely has a scent at all, maybe just the faintest, fresh outdoorsy nose. Hydra-Bright Radiance Cream's got a rich lotion texture, but sinks in right away. It will definitely not interfere with makeup application.

For a few years now, I was kidding myself, saying, "Oh, I guess I freckle during the summer now." Those are sun damage spots! Regular use has really diminished them.

Brightening Radiance Mask has an extra punch of ingredients in a creamy, non-irritating formula. After all, so many brightening products sting! It's in a 3-1-1 bag-friendly size, so you don't have to abandon your brightening program when you're on a plane.

If you're traveling to a luxe spa that carries the line, there's a new Brightening Radiance Facial -- using many different products to achieve a bright complexion tone in a relaxing atmosphere.

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