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Travel guide to Japan's oddities

A Hello-Kitty inspired vending machine in Japan carries almost anything you need, from food and drinks to bread in a can; even underwear.
A Hello-Kitty inspired vending machine in Japan carries almost anything you need, from food and drinks to bread in a can; even underwear.
Brian Ashcraft/

Japan is a very bizarre and fascinating country. However, it is not just the country but also the people that are fun and interesting. If you plan on booking a flight to Japan one of these days, let me educate on some of the thing that you might find odd in Japan but is perfectly normal for them.

Japanese Toilets

Don’t be scared. It’s not as bad as you think it is. Actually, Japanese toilets are generally convenient, very clean, and more technology advanced than most public toilets one encounters. Most Japanese toilets are electronic and are designed for comfort and cleanliness. Among the most common features are the posterior wash, front wash (bidet), adjustable water temperature and the heated seats.

Those are just the basics but for a more memorable experience, why not those with ”massage cleaning”. A pulsating and/or vibrating spray that’ll provide a distinct bathroom experience for anyone.

Yellow lane

On your way around Japan you might notice a rubber yellow line along the sidewalk and it’s not the yellow brick road. These lines are specifically made for the blind. It is to indicate stairs and street crossings by changing the pattern.


Japan’s train network is amazing. It runs like clockwork. Every station is clean and well signed in both Japanese and English which makes going around very easy. It makes getting around very easy and if the station member you ask for help doesn't speak English, they find someone who does. Between crowds, little old ladies come along and sweep up any remaining litter and wipe down seats. Travelling at 200 km/hr, the ride is so smooth and quiet you can hardly tell it’s moving.


Who isn’t in the least bit curious and fascinated with Japanese fashion. A mixture of Western fashion that has formed into street fashion in which the wearer customizes their outfits by mixing current and traditional trends. From bows to skimpy skirts and leggings, they’re clothes has been so popular that some other countries are actually imitating them.


Bowing in Japan is deeply ingrained in their culture and society that it is not something unusual for them but for foreigners it can be very confusing. Bowing can be a form of greeting or respect for the Japanese. There are actually different ways to do a bow; they even have a whole etiquette written about it.

Vending machines

You can find almost anything in a vending machine in Japan. They have served different selection of interesting and weird things like food, drinks, manga, bread in a can and even underwear. You’ll never be bored with what you might in a Japanese vending machine.

So when you go on that trip, make sure to check out some of this weird oddities and maybe you could find some more.

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