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Privileged MG
Privileged MG

CEO Eugene David Abreu and Co-Founder Alex Thaler founded Privileged Marketing Group in 2008. After 4 years entrenched in the NYC nightlife scene, Privileged has grown to establish itself as one of the industry leaders when it came to branding itself as an innovator. Now entering our 5th year, a call for change became inevitable. It became apparent that an evolution was upon us. One we needed to embrace. We returned to the drawing board and began to dissect our brand. We have re-examined our company’s vision and reformulated our approach after five years of invaluable experience in a fast changing market. The outcome? A fresh, flowering progression to what it means to be Privileged.

Privileged, by definition, is having special rights or advantages that most people do not have. We are building unique atmospheres and aesthetics that will hold the word true to its meaning. Through the re-launch of our brand and months of developing new programming, (such as The Privileged Jetaway, The Art of Dining, The Loft Series, etc.) we will establish new formats that allow access to one of a kind day life, nightlife, travel & dining experiences. 

Privileged Marketing Group has forged a path in New York City that has major markets like Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles taking notice. We understand that trends are defined by those bold enough to think outside the box while remaining true to the unchangeable principals. Principals that in our industry are vital components to providing memorable experience for a select few. This is what Privileged is all about.

A Lifestyle. Redefined., follow them on TW @privmg.

Privileged next event is Bowlmor Lanes in Midtown, NYC on August 13th for some fun in funky shoes. BOWLATINO will be full of great energy as you will be joining us for some good music, drinks and the company of some great people. Our mission is to continue our work in connecting and bringing together our Latino film & art community here in NYC. Come and help us grow the conversation of Latin film making in our great city.

Hosted by NYC's very own Juan Bago & O, this event promises to be full of laughs and good times. We would love to see you there and gain your support moving forward.

Tickets: $20, Unlimited bowling (lane availability based on a first come first serve basis. includes shoe rental.)

For more events click on #Drinks. Cheers and Salute!