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Travel Checklist: What to Pack When Traveling with Kids

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Taking a trip is a good way to rejuvenate oneself and relax the mind. Traveling definitely spells FUN.

For those who are always traveling, packing is no longer a hassle. They usually pack up a few clothes along with personal belongings and then they are set. It’s as simple as that. However, going out on a vacation with kids is a different story. There are many things that should never be neglected to make the entire trip enjoyable for the little ones. Check out this packing checklist to help you prepare your luggage.


Needless to say, clothing is very important. But having enough clothes is more essential. Determine how many days your vacation would last. This way, you can pack sufficient clothes for the kids. Though you can buy clothing when you get in the place, but you don’t wanna overspend your budget. When heading out to a warm vacation spot, choose soft and cottony clothes. Thick clothes are meant for cold places. You may want to consider packing dark-colored clothes for kids are most likely to get dirty and messy.


Whether traveling by land, air or sea, kids are very prone to getting bored. Long trips can drain the patience and happy mood of the youngsters. That is why entertainment items are vital to get their attention and occupy their minds and hands. Bring along iPod or MP3 players loaded with their favorite songs. Download exciting games on your Ipad or tablet which can make the kids occupied. Handheld game devices like PSP and PS2 are also good examples of traveling entertainment items.


Children easily get hungry. Pack some snacks including a bar of chocolate, chips, peanuts, candies, gum and crackers. And of course, never forget to bring drinks. Taking along with you these kinds of foods can keep you from purchasing expensive food in the terminal, airport or station. These light snacks can occupy the little ones and might even lead to taking a short nap. When kids are full, they are likely to get sleepy.


It’s better to be ready than sorry. Nobody knows what will happen while traveling so might as well bring some basic medicines. You don’t really have packed your whole medicine cabinet. Just the basic medications for headaches, stomach ache, motion sickness, dizziness and upset stomach. If there are any prescribed medicines, of course, you need to pack them to avoid complications. Ointments, creams and bandages are likewise practical items to have when on a trip.


If your child has a favorite pillow or blanket and can’t sleep without it, be sure to bring it along. Being away from home can be distressing and difficult for the little ones. So with an item that is familiar to him/her, sleeping in your hotel room is not a problem.

When traveling on a plane, opt for a smaller pillow as you don’t wanna pay excess baggage fee. Other stuff you can bring include special stuffed animal and pictures. When packing for a trip with kids, always take into consideration their comfort. Forgetting any important things can lead to unpleasant mood. You can even ask your kids to help you pack their things to get their approval on what to bring. Try to pack three to four days prior to the scheduled travel date to avoid last-minute problems.

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