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Travel beauty products good for your body and spirit: Butter Elixir

Travel beauty products good for your body and spirit: Butter Elixir
Travel beauty products good for your body and spirit: Butter Elixir
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Travel can be so stressful, you lose your sense of self. Sometimes, it's the jet-lag, the unfamiliar surroundings and sensory overload or even homesickness and loneliness. What if a beauty product could center you and stand in for several things to simplify and beautify you? Butter Elixir to the rescue! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

The line is was created by two yogis in NYC who wanted appropriate skincare after yoga practice. I myself am not a yoga person, but I have two cousins who are really into it and go to yoga classes all over the world. The line was designed around Ayurvedic medicine practices. I have read up on Ayurvedic medicine over the years and nowadays, I have definitely what would be considered a Kapha dosha. Whether the line counteracts my Kapha-ness or contributes to it, I can't say . . . but I like it!

It is said to boost creativity, vulnerability and nostalgia. Whew! I will blame my latest emails/tweets on that. And I thought it was a full moon out . . .

The "butter" -- oil that comes in a size perfect for 3-1-1 carry on travel bags -- is made with oils and herbs originally found in the Middle East: almond oil, argan oil, chamomile and lavender. It has a clean yet sophisticated and fresh scent. I used it after a shower and several hours before a self-tanner: it absorbed and rendered my skin smooth and even to do what I needed to do. You can also use it in the bath, cuticles, hands and feet -- I'm always on the hunt for good products, as my nails tear -- as well as lip balm, they suggest. You know it has to be pure for that!

There's also an actual lip butter, which is medium-firm, slightly waxy. It was created with a chai flavor in mind and yes, it has that Silk Road scent and flavor. It has Vitamin E, aloe vera, avocado oil, argan oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, along with vanilla and cardamon. The spice is warming.