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Travel banishes routine

'I have a sheave of rice', with my guide.
'I have a sheave of rice', with my guide.
Nancy Saks

A good journey to somewhere does several things. The idea is to lose the everyday routines that can plague us, make our lives tedious after awhile. The routine sameness of the same walls, people, habits and food, can become boring and mundane. One doesn’t have to go far, but ideally, a long distance is better.

Travel loses that tedium for the most part, although you might find yourself surfacing at first with the very same reactions to people, food, likes and dislikes. But after a little time spent away, something magical happens when we don’t even realize it. Suddenly, you’re more spontaneous; you try different cuisine, you take a chance on a side trip, or perhaps buy a garment, a hat or a pair of shoes you wouldn’t have back home.

When one sheds their old habits, the buried child emerges, and the longer you are away, the more it will emerge. For the first time, jazz music sounds good or classical, or maybe country music, or hell, even certain Rock ‘n Roll. Perhaps you sleep in until nine AM with no guilt, and that cocktail you heard all about, you order. You stand up and dance, or pretend to dance, disabled or not, or grin for the first time in ages.

However some routines, especially if you’re disabled or on the wagon, should definitely be followed and adhered to. For instance, medicines, diets and avoiding certain detrimental habits.

But the focus of travel is to be spontaneous, relax, and enjoy your surroundings, whatever you choose them to be. A mountain hideaway? Rome, Italy, what about Paris or New York City? Can you ride a bike, or go rafting? Now that’s an adventure. No matter your destination or abilities, spend as much money as you can budget, because, in the end, it’s worth every dollar for the experience it offers to banish your sometimes boring life and routines and renew yourself. New scenes/environs can improve depression especially.

Additionally, travel allows the chance to reacquaint yourself with you, without all trappings of a routine to define yourself. This is a very valuable quality, along with the emergence of spontaneity and fun. Remember also, the other built in quality when you travel, is the gratification of coming home and sleeping in your own familiar bed.

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