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Travel and do the locomotion: Natural remedies for motion sickness

Go ahead and do the locomotion or just hop on a place, train, boat or automobile. Many people when they travel have a fear of going places not because of the mode of travel but because the motion involved in the travel makes them sick. This sickness is read and is called “motion sickness”.

Relieve the symptoms of motion sickness!

Motion sickness can happen without any warning. The more people travel the better your system can adjust to the motion of the type of vehicle transporting you. People who suffer from this condition get a feeling of uneasiness. They can also break out into a cold swear, feel dizzy or begin vomiting. The symptoms usually subside or leave completely once the motion stops.

Some ways to ease the onset and symptoms of motion sickness:

  • Boat travel – request a cabin or seat in the front or middle of the boat. Never go down below and try to stay level with the water level lessen the chance of getting sick.
  • Plane travel – request a seat that is over the front edge of the wing. Then turn the air vent so the cool air blows on your face.
  • Train travel – request a seat that is more towards the front of the train. Always try and get a seat that is next to a window and always sit facing forwards on the train, never backwards.
  • Automobile travel – request to do all the driving on the trip. If that isn’t possible always sit in the front passenger’s seat.

Understanding motion sickness:

  • Inner ears: “Liquid in the semicircular canals of the inner ear allows you to sense
  • if you're moving, and, if you are, which way you're moving — up, down, side to side, round and round, forward, or backward.”
  • Eyes: “What you see also lets your body know whether you're moving and in which direction.”
  • Skin receptors: “These receptors tell your brain which parts of your body are touching the ground.”
  • Muscles and joint sensory receptors: “These sensing receptors tell your brain if you're moving your muscles and which position your body is in.”
  • The brain: “It gets an instant report from these different parts of your body and tries to put together a total picture about what you are doing just at that moment. But if any of the pieces of this picture don't match, you can get motion sickness.”

Natural remedies for motion sickness:

  1. Suck on a lemon wedge. The lemon will help prevent the onset of motion sickness.
  2. Before going on your trip mix ½ teaspoon of powdered ginger in a cup of warm water and drink it before you being your travel. This concoction will put a damper on that queasy feeling that happens when motion sickness starts to affect you.

Travel and have fun and don’t worry about motion sickness any longer!

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