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Travel adventures to remember


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Where would we be if Chris Columbus and his buddies hadn’t loaded up those three ships and left Europe for a trek across the Atlantic in search of a new world? What about those brave pioneers who headed west on a “road trip” across this great country in search of new life? And, wouldn’t you agree, the trip of all trips was when Neil Armstrong took a ride on a space ship to the moon and actually got out and took a walk around – is that amazing or what? Ok, so maybe you and I won’t be taking any trips that will change the world as we know it today, but we should all be planning travel adventures to remember.

Three tips for planning the perfect travel adventure:
1. Name your destination. Make a list of all the places you want to visit in your lifetime and start planning now.
2. Decide your mode of transportation. Ship? Wagon? Space Ship? Or, how about a train, plane, or an automobile? I’m planning a travel adventure that includes a train trip through Canada. Maybe your dream is to travel Route 66 on a motorcycle.
3. Know your personal travel style. I think there are two types of travelers; mellow and marathon. I’m a mellow traveler. I don’t like to spend my days running around a city taking in all the sights. I usually select one or two things I really want to see or do. Beyond that, I like to head out with no particular plan in mind and experience the city as those who live there which always includes great food and great wine. If you’re traveling with someone, be sure to talk about your individual styles and have a plan - the key to traveling with someone else is flexibility.

Have fun wherever your journey takes you and thanks for being a loyal reader


  • Pauline 5 years ago

    A nice article to sit back and think about. Memories of travels, the people and places, are some of the happiest we have.

  • Jennifer Jones 5 years ago

    Great tips!

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