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Trashing the dress


               photo by KateUhry Photography

When photographer, John Michael Cooper, coined the phrase, Trash the dress, it changed wedding photography. The phrase is exactly what it sounds like. A bride, after wearing her expensive dress, for one day, poses in unconventional locations; a mossy lake, the ocean, or presumably anywhere, which is quirky, or off-beat. And when done with the shoot, the dress will be "trashed".

Many brides have been known to have complicated relationships with their wedding dress, and some brides decide, that the image of them jumping into a muddy pond, or even ocean, would mean more to them, than putting the dress in a box in their attic.

Posing in a grungy setting is not new to fashion photography, actually it is quite common to see a beautifully dressed woman in an un-expectedly grungy location such as a train track or back alley.  However, the trend of trashing the dress grew in popularity after the New York Times, wrote an article about it in 2007.

Finding a local photographer

To find photographers in the region, there are many websites, where you can narrow down your choices, by cost and style (such as the knot) Spend some time viewing pictures on-line and then narrow down your choices to no more than three, before you meet with them in person. You should have a good idea of what their work is by viewing an on-line portfolio, and visiting their blog (most photographers have them these days).

Photographs are the one ticket item from your wedding that you will keep forever and pass down to generations (aside from maybe the dress if you don't trash it). Do not skimp on this one. The food will be eaten, the cake cut, the music will stop and memories are malleable. The images should represent you and your style. You should have hundreds of pictures that you love. Not just a few. A good photographer should not tell you what to do, but be intuitive, and unobtrusive. You should feel comfortable with them (they will be your personal paparazzi during some pretty intimate moments). Weddings are one of the most emotional, monumental times in ones life. Sharing that moment with someone you like, trust, and have a good working relationship with is more important then saving a few bucks. In the end, you should have a beautiful set of images. Above all you should feel comfortable and at ease with your photographer.

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