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Traps and tricks of the little people


Maleficent, once a fairy, cast a spell on Aurora to prick her finger at 16 years old and fall into a deep sleep until true loves kiss comes along to break the spell. Let's see what else fay and elves can do.

  • Elvish women sometime find young mortal men attractive and lure them into a fairy ring, making it hard for them to escape. Likewise when elves kidnap a human baby, leaving a changeling in its place, and take a mortal woman to raise the child.
  • It is quite possible for humans to spend time in the world of fairies and make it home safely, but if they eat anything while there the mortal belongs to the fairies' forever. In fairy land time moves slower. People who do escape find that time has passed for one hour in fairyland while in our world a year had passed.
  • Fairies and elves love music. Music of the Elf King played on a fiddle can be heard through the ground. If a mortal plays the same tune, anyone who hears it won't stop dancing until the fiddler plays the tune backward or by cutting the strings.
  • And of course there is "glamour," which allows them to fool humans with illusions.

Those are the main tricks of the elves. If you think of any I missed let me know. And remember, don't upset a fairy of elf. You never know what they could do to mare mortals.

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