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Trap for Cinderella is a harrowing look at amnesia and self-(re)discovery

Who is who?
Who is who?
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The absence of details of your life?
Pretty scary.
Following a house fire in France that killed her childhood friend and left her badly burned, 20-year-old photographer Micky (Tuppence Middleton) wakes up in a Swiss clinic, suffering from amnesia. Remembering nothing about the incident or her past, she's whisked away by her wealthy aunt's assistant to her childhood home in England, where she begins to piece together her memories. Through reconnections with people from her former life as well as mementos that provide clues to who she was, Micky begins to unravel the tangled web of her psyche. But as she gets closer and closer to rebuilding her old self, she begins to uncover evidence of a deadly plot that may have led to the fatal.
No, we didn't forget the title.
With twisting suspense and jaw-dropping thrills, Trap for Cinderella is a unique whodunit of shocking self-discovery.