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Transporting1 helps thousands of Americans start successful businesses

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Take the road to financial freedom - it's not bumpy!

Online--In today's economy, many people are losing jobs, and there just aren't enough jobs to go around. Starting up a business is a great response to this -- but a costly venture.

But there is one new business idea that's taking 2014 by storm. All that's needed to start this business is a car and a driver's license. brings together drivers and clients needing non-emergency medical transportation.

There are no expensive courses to sign up for, and no additional licenses to acquire. This is one job that not many people have heard about, which is surprising given the numerous benefits that those who take the opportunity enjoy:

  • Earn up to $2.50 per mile
  • Work on your terms
  • Get paid while you wait for your client
  • Make your own hours
  • Recession proof business
  • Help your community by providing a valuable service

Just one quick example of what a driver can expect: a client, Emily, lives nearby, and her medical appointment is just 10 miles away. At $2.50 per mile for a round trip, and just an hour's driving, non-emergency medical drivers net $50. There is some waiting time, but who doesn't enjoy reading a book or listening to music, all while being compensated?

Hank from Phoenix, Arizona is a driver, and he is loving every moment so far. He said "this is a recession proof program and business. I have my freedom back thanks to Transporting1. It's been 2 months now and I am already planning to purchase a second vehicle."

Hank is just a regular guy who took an opportunity when it was given to him - and is now reaping the rewards.

About Transporting1
Transporting1 connects drivers with people who require non-emergency medical transportation to and from their place of work. Both full and part time employment opportunities are available, and drivers can set their own hours. For more information on this opportunity, open to anyone with a clean car and a driver's license, you can download a free report today. This is one of the biggest job opportunities of 2014 -- discover a new working day! For more information on the company, please visit Transporting1's website.You may also contact by phone at 1-8880-582-3390 or via email at