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Transmission: a form of group meditation and service to humanity


The month of May has been declared National Meditation Month, which seems appropriate considering the sense of growth and aliveness associated with this time of the year.  Meditation has many forms and purposes, although most are suited for personal use.  The following is a brief introduction to Transmission Meditation - a relatively new type of meditation that can only be done in group, as opposed to personal, formation.

World transformation

This moment we are living in right now is perhaps one of the most crucial ever.  We are struggling for peace and harmony, hoping to avoid any large scale war and man-made chaos. Anyone who is concerned about the fate of humanity, our planet, and of our ways of living must surely ask:  Are we doomed?  How can we develop a higher consciousness together, as a civilization?

Amidst these turbulent times of distress, uncertainty and tension between nations and peoples, there are actually positive trends taking place, simultaneously.  Great progress is being made alongside the seemingly endless series of crises within our political, economic, religious, and social spheres.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

If not for the stimulus and guidance of group of perfected men, who have until now worked "behind the scenes" of our everyday living, the human race would have likely foundered in ignorance and selfishness long ago.  This group, known as the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, has been behind all the great movements and advances over our long history.

As they are increasingly moving closer to humanity and working more with those who are receptive to their impulse and teachings, they also need help in their work of restoration.  It is because of this need during this peculiar moment of opportunity that a new form of meditation was introduced to humanity in the late 1970's. 

Transmission Meditation: a worldwide network of love and light

Transmission Meditation is a meditation for the new age of Aquarius.  It offers a form of service in the sense of transmitting positive and transformative energies, and at the same time it also strengthens one's personal spiritual development. 

The Transmission Meditation groups act as vehicles to help step down powerful cosmic energies, sent into the planet via the Spiritual Hierarchy.  This, in turn, helps to establish a more accessible "pool" of energy which benefits all life.  With many groups already formed in dozens of countries, a large network of light and love is established and continues to grow.

If you live in the Dallas area, you can learn more about Transmission Meditation and even try it out yourself by attending one of the regular meetups / introductions at Half Price Books on US-75 and NW Highway.  The group meets nearly every 3rd Friday of the month at 7:30 pm, in the "Community Room". 

Here is the page for the Dallas Transmission Meditation group, which lists their ongoing informational meetings:

Suggested reading for additional information:

The Great Invocation - a prayer for all religions and spiritual groups, used at the beginning of Transmission Meditation:


  • Scott Knutson - Philly Mystical-Spirituality Exami 5 years ago

    Transmission meditation sounds interesting.

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